Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rainbows and S'mores

This past week was the first full 5 day teaching week at Sahel for a couple weeks.  The first week of February, we had a Professional Development day.  The second week, we had Field Day.  Though change is nice, it was good to have a full 5 days in a regular routine for the first time this month.

Fourth grade has started a few new things, including a read aloud, "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm" and a unit on "The Land Down Under," Australia!  The students have enjoyed attempting to speak in Australian accents...which ends up sounding more like an American south, West African, and British accent all in one; which I suppose is just as impressive, and quite entertaining!

In art class with Mrs. Knox (that's my mom!), elementary students worked on adding color to the library!  Fourth grade was the first class to put their handprints on the rainbow mural.  After praying with the students, Mrs. Knox clearly explained the rules and they darned themselves with smocks.  The painting went smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.  Mr. Knox helped clean off each student's hands outside with gasoline and soap.  It was a great success, and other classes have added their handprints, too!  Red, orange, yellow, green, and purple.  Next week, first grade will add blue and then the mural will be complete!
I got to leave my hand print, too!

Mr. Knox helping some 4th grade boys wash off the paint.

For just a moment, I need to brag on my mom:  It has been a pleasure and privilege to watch my mom interact with the students, showing them what art really is and how it can glorify God.  Every project allows the students to connect art to Christ!  (And she is not too shy to try big projects!)  Before bringing each class to the library, she prayed with them, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide her words:  our handprints and fingerprints are all unique, made by our creative Creator who loves each one of us!  I am so proud of my beautiful and talented mother.  And I get to be her daughter!

To end the week and begin the weekend, the senior class put on a class fundraiser...a family camp out!  It was great to see many families from the community come to fellowship as one big family.  Teams entered a relay race.  We enjoyed board and card games in the "Game Lounge."  Families gathered around the campfire to hear stories and sing camp songs.  Tents of all shapes, sizes, and forms popped up all over the field.  I set up my hammock between the soccer goal post and a nearby tree!  Though hot season is upon us, the evening was quite cool!  The net protected me from mosquitoes, but I was not properly prepared for the cold! In the morning, we all enjoyed an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast!  Great job, seniors!

My hammock and mosquito net!

Praising God for a restful weekend and looking forward to another week at Sahel!

Side note:  Presidential elections are this weekend.  Please pray for peace.

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