Saturday, February 6, 2016

Field Trip

Fourth grade went on their 3rd field trip last week.  Our geology unit in science has us talking a lot about rocks.  So what better way to learn, than to simply go hike some big rocks?!

Students made pet rocks
to go with our geology unit!
Early Wednesday morning 11 students and 8 adults loaded up into cars and drove just a few minutes to find what Nigeriens call the "Three Sisters," three rocky plateaus, begging to be climbed by curious children.  What a delight to walk hand in hand with the fourth grade girls, giggling and story telling along the way.  The boys couldn't help but chase ahead to climb to the top first.  The dads chatted and meandered along, helping keep watch.

The class discussed erosion and weathering, watching for natural gutters where water had washed away the stones.  Students named and identified the 3 types of rocks - igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic - and their properties.  I have never seen children so acutely aware of the rocks around them!  They frantically gathered rocks in hopes of finding a unique treasure.  Pockets were full and heavy by the end of our 2 hour adventure.  We hiked two of the "sisters" and returned to school before 10:00 am.  

God blessed me with such a wonderful time.  I had been sick all week, not quite feeling up to a trip off campus.  But it turns out, an early morning hike is just what I needed.  The cool morning air and breeze at the top of each plateau was food for my soul and the opportunity to have fun with the students was a nice change of pace.  Thanks to all the dads that joined the excursion!  11 students and 8 adults - almost a 1:1 ratio!  I am so grateful for these incredible parents.

Fourth grade with Miss Knox at the top of the first "sister!"

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