Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Lock In

Throughout the school year, Sahel Academy students and staff put on various events.  Last weekend was the first secondary event put on by the Student Council (i.e. StuCo) for grades 8-12:  The Lock-In.

I don't know why young people think it's amazing fun to lose sleep for an entire night, but that seems to be the main draw for this event.  Students arrive around 6:30pm for worship and a short message.  Sahel's new youth pastor spoke about grace, giving student the opportunity to start the evening right by praying with and for one another.

After dark, all staff and students participate in a "Mission Impossible" game!  As a teacher, I was considered an assassin.  My mission?  To capture as many student agents as possible, sending them back to home base before they can deliver tickets and score points for their team.  Though I've never played this game before, I wore appropriate attire for a night game, black.  It was great fun hiding behind bushes and chasing students across the field in the dark.  Though my skin color does not give me the same advantage as others, I was the top scorer for the women teachers!  The famed Monsieur Hama was beat by just a few this year, ready for revenge next year, I'm sure.

Monsieur Hama, Beth, and me at the end of the game!

Mom and Kathie working at home base!

After the night game, showers are a must.  Even at night, Niger is hot and running around works up a wonderfully stinky sweat (especially amongst the teenage boys).  Brochette sandwiches and snacks for dinner, at which point, the students are officially "locked in."  The rooms of the secondary building become sources of entertainment, including two movie rooms, a lounge room with cards and games, a dance room, a photo booth, ping-pong, and fooseball.  Excitement and energy is fueled by Cokes, sweets, and energy drinks.  Not until about 3:00am do students begin to slowly fade into a strangeness that is typically unseen during daylight hours.  Breakfast and clean up were done by 6:30am and students waited for pick up at 7:00am.

Though it has taken me a week to recover, I am grateful for the bonding that occurs at events like this.  The Lock-In was great fun, and allows an elementary teacher like me to get to know the high school students.  Great job, StuCo!

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