Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Once again, I start the school year feeling humbled.  I just finished my first full week with my 4th graders and couldn't feel more blessed.  We have been keeping very busy...planting a garden, reading a new chapter book, visiting all the specials (including art, music, library, and P.E.), and simply enjoying each other.

My favorite part of the day is morning prayer.  We pray for a new student in the class every day.  S/he has the opportunity to give prayer requests and then volunteers offer to pray.  It blesses my heart to hear these 4th graders pray for each other, such powerful prayers.  It is so obvious that they really bonded last year and I feel privileged to be welcomed into their cohort.  Not a day goes by when I don't get about a dozen hugs from my students!

Last night (Friday) was Sahel Academy's Open House Picnic!  Families bring a dish to share and students have a chance show mom and dad their classroom.  Tired from the week, I was not sure how the night would go.  However, as I interacted with the students and their parents, I felt so encouraged.  This place, this community, is held together by Jesus Christ.  And anyone who comes to Sahel not knowing the Lord, will somehow be touched by Jesus' love.  God is sovereign and sustains our weak hearts.

Thank you, Lord, for taking care of me, even when I have no idea what you are doing.  Thank you for blessing me, even when I don't deserve it.  Thank you for this community and the life-giving interactions with friends who feel like family.  May we honor You in every thought, word, and deed.  

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