Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fellowship Deep

One of the things that has made it onto my list each night when I count my blessings is "friends."  The community here has been so helpful in adjusting to a new culture and home.  It's really quite a special bond that forms in such a transient community.  In honor of the One who provides for my every need, I would like to take time to list some ways that I have felt loved by the new friends I have here in Niamey. :)

1.  On my first night in Niger, my neighbor, mentor and friend cooked and hosted dinner for me and the other ladies on campus!  After a long day and a half of traveling, the food and fellowship was such a blessing!

2.  Occasionally, we go out to eat - whether it's just a few people or many.  We often find a new  restaurant to try (there are surprisingly quite a number of restaurants in the city); and depending on the night, I either try something new or try to find something that "tastes like America."  Some of these dishes include fajitas, brochettes and fries (pictured below), camel, crepes, schwarmas, pizza, a "Philly Steak" sandwhich, and rice.

3.  Girls' nights:  Games, popcorn, fudge, movies, TV shows, painting nails, late night thunderstorms, and anything else that includes crying, laughter, or chocolate! (Have you noticed a food theme yet?)

4.  Planning lessons and preparing for another school week around the dining room table.  This often includes quality music, good conversation, yummy snacks, and distracting videos.

5.  Exercising!  I often run alone, so when my two friends decided to walk the path as I "jogged/did calisthenics" beside them just so that I could have company, well it was great.  Late night work outs are much sweeter with friends to talk to. :)

6.  Ultimate Frisbee Thursdays!  Around 5:00pm we play a healthy game of Ultimate with a crowd from around the area!  I have enjoyed getting to not only toss disc, but also meet people outside of Sahel!

7.  Cooking and baking!  When you get hungry for pizza, there is only one way to make it - from scratch!  I have also successfully made yogurt (round 2), granola, a breakfast scrambler, and cookie dough balls (thank you DebDeb for that recipe!).

8.  Game nights!  Psychiatrist, Fishbowl, and "other" fun games :)  I've also gotten my roommates to play Bananagrams and Spot It with me! And of course, a game night is not complete without snacks - brownies, peanut butter cookies, chips, popcorn, candy, or cooked corn!

9.  Being able to cry wet tears all over my friend's lap because sometimes change is just overwhelming.  Being able to count on someone to drive me to the nurse for medicine as another friend sits with me to reassuringly rub my shoulder.  These people really care for each other.

10.  And sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want and the electricity goes out completely - you can't even see your own hand in front of your face.  And sometimes you go to the pool to swim and it starts down pouring instead.  Other times you desperately need the internet to work and all you get is a blank screen.  And sometimes you've had a rough day and need to talk, so you and a friend sit on the wall to watch the sunset.  And sometimes you spoil yogurt and bleach the lettuce too long.  But it's okay, because you've learned how to laugh.  And if you don't chuckle at the "mishaps," you'll go crazy.

God has blessed me with some incredible friends with whom I can talk, laugh, cry, and pray.  I am so grateful for the fellowship of the Body of Believers, both in Niger and the States.  The Lord continues to consistently encourage me through notes, packages, emails, skype calls, and letters.  Thank you!

"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."  1 Corinthians 12:27


  1. You're making me cry, but in a good way! Thanks for sharing your true heart! Love youXXX