Monday, September 22, 2014

In the Classroom

This morning we talked about "turning the other cheek" (Matthew 5:39).  When you have to explain these kind of phrases to seven year olds, it really makes you think.  How do you concisely explain such meaningful concepts to such young minds?

And just as I'm thinking these questions, God shows up.

Our "Morning Mat Time" conversation continues:

"But how can you forgive someone if they haven't already asked for forgiveness?" piped up one of my students.  Huh.  How do you make it make sense?  What am I supposed to say to convey that its about the attitude of the heart.  It's about...what is it about?

Without hesitation I responded, "That's exactly what Jesus did on the cross."  I don't even know where my words came from.  "Jesus forgave everyone before they ever even asked!  Before you were even born!"  To which one of my students questioned, "Even before you were born, Miss Knox?"  Haha. "Yes.  Even before I was born.  It was about 2,000 years ago that Jesus died on the cross."  "Whoa...!!!"  I smiled at their childlike awe.

Yes, my friends.  About 2,000 years ago, Jesus not only forgave you of your sins, but rescued you from your sinful nature.  What an incredible thought.

And I continue to find myself humbled by the comments and simplicity of my second graders.

While I understand that some theological principles are quite advanced for such young minds, I also wonder if we sometimes over-complicate Christianity.  Doesn't Jesus call His disciples with just two words:  "Follow me."?  (Matthew 4:19).  It has me thinking, if I can't explain it to a second grader, maybe I'm missing the real truth.  Following Christ, while not an easy task by any stretch, is beautifully and miraculously simple.  I want to be simple like my second graders.  To trust and love like a child, without reservation.

The Bible compares God the Father to a Shepherd.  May Jesus be my Shepherd, and yet only if I choose to be like a sheep (Psalm 23).

Food for thought :)


  1. What an awesome word you had to share today. I hope your students will remember this "Morning Mat Time" forever and that they hold the truth the message held dear to their hearts always.

  2. Hannah! We talked about forgiveness in my second grade class this past week too!!! We talked about nearly the same things! They were stunned when I told them About Christ's forgiveness! I feel like I am constantly having to surrender my kids, classroom, and my words to The Lord ECG morning, but He is good. And despite what I do or don't know, He always provides. You sound like a great teacher!! We need I catch up sometime and share ideas :). I am constantly praying for you!