Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Countdown.

Can you believe it?!

In 12 days, I will be boarding a plane to start an adventure that will change my life.

I have reached 90% of my support, which means that I can finally purchase my plane ticket to Niamey, Niger!  This is an exciting (and rather significant) step in getting closer to departure.  It's amazing to reflect on all that the Lord has done to get me to this point.

In less than 9 weeks, I have raised $42,399.38 in one time gifts and pledges for the two years that I have committed to teaching at Sahel Academy!  THANK YOU!  It is by the Grace of God that this was made possible through the hearts of generous givers.  Thank you for your support, from the bottom of my heart.

During this short time of preparation, I have met with old friends and bonded with new ones.  God has given me time to say goodbye and slowly transition.  I have been able to speak to churches about what the Lord is doing in my heart.  I have been lifted up in prayer by the Body of Christ.  What an incredible thought:  I am being carried by the faith of my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Oh, how I need your prayers!

And while I am so close to departing, there are still things that need to fall into place before I can leave.  Please pray that my Visa is processed quickly and smoothly.  Pray that I can fit all of my belongings, school supplies, and materials into two suitcases, 50 lbs. each!  Pray that my heart is ready for what is ahead.  Pray for my students and their parents.  Pray for my roommates.  Pray for safety as I travel.


Another huge step in getting closer to leaving is reaching 100% of my support.  I still need about $200/month in pledges.  If you would like to increase the amount that you have already given, simply visit TeachBeyond's website and click on "Go and Give" under "Update Account."  If you have not yet given and would like to partner with me, please visit TeachBeyond's website or send your gift to TeachBeyond's USA address (PO Box 6248 Bloomingdale, IL 60108-6248).  Be sure to mark that it is for Hannah Knox (account #40328). 

Only 12 days.

If you would like to receive updates via email, please send me your email address to and I would be happy to add you to my list!

"I am convinced that the safest place for me to be is in the Hand of God."

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