Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Year

On July 29th, I had the pleasure of welcoming my parents at the Niamey Airport!  Talk about role reversal!  Although this was the second time I have met Mom and Dad at the airport, it was a bit different this time knowing that they are here to stay for awhile longer.

I anticipated that having my parents here would be nice.  And to answer the frequently asked question, "Are you excited for your parents to come?" the answer is YES!  But having them here has been a blessing in small and unexpected ways, too.

Mom and Dad are living on Sahel Academy's campus.  Though I have moved to another house on a  neighboring compound, we are just a short walk away from each other.  Who would have ever guessed that I would be neighbors with my parents in Africa?  On Thursday I was able to have my parents over for their first dinner...homemade lasagna and mango ice cream for dessert!  I enjoyed being able to "give back," since Mom has been cooking for me all these years!

Friday morning, my housemate and I took Mom and Dad grocery shopping.  This was no short excursion.  Getting acclimated to the new menu options, figuring out prices, deciding what and how much you need, as well as how long something might last in the heat without spoiling all takes time.  Not to mention the traffic.  All in all, it was a successful trip!  I taught mom how to properly wash produce and she's already been cooking like a pro!  I've been over to their house twice now for lunch :)  What a unique privilege it has been to share these new memories with my folks.

After having lived here for a year (August 1st marks one year exactly!), and as people return from summer vacation, I can't help but think, "This feels like home."  Such an amazing family has formed for me here in Niger and welcoming Mom and Dad into this Niger family has brought me such joy.  Praise God for how he provides!

I continue to plan and get ready for school to start.  Only one and a half more weeks until the first day of classes!  Please pray for all staff at Sahel Academy as we prepare our classrooms and sort through curriculum.  There is often an overwhelming feeling that accompanies these preparations, knowing there is so much to do and so little time.  Pray for peace and diligence and JOY!  Thank you for your faithfulness to God and the Body of Christ!

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