Thursday, June 25, 2015

Calling all Prayer Warriors

As a missionary in a country that is over 97% M*sl*m, I am surrounded by the constant reminder of the lost world we live in.  Call to prayer five times a day, mosques on every street corner, and the cultural influences such as food and dress.  For example, it wasn't until I took a short trip to Burkina Faso that I realized of all the animals I see in Niger, I never see any pigs!  And I rarely see any women without a head covering.  These are just a few of the religious influences I notice daily.

This month marks a special holiday in the lunar calendar for M*sl*ms.  June begins the month of R*mad*n.  Beginning June 18 and ending July 17, M*sl*ms use this time to especially seek the favor of god.  They fast during the day from all foods and liquids (including one's own saliva, hence large amounts of spitting throughout the city), and they feast after sundown.

During this time, we have a huge opportunity to engage in a battle between light and darkness.  Please join me and many others on the mission field in prayer for this nation.  Take a look at this helpful SIM Niger Prayer Guide.  In it you will find four parts:
1.  A Scripture focus
2.  Requests from the 30 Days of Prayer for the M*sl*m World
3.  Focus on a city or village in Niger
4.  A Request from the Vision Psalm 72:9 prayer guide for the desert tribes of Niger

I ask that you also pray for Christians in Niger.  Just this past Sunday morning in church, a woman shared her hardship as the only Christian in her family.  When she refused to get up in the mornings and pray with them, they refused to let her eat.  May God's goodness and grace shine even brighter during this time.  Pray that our M*sl*m neighbors find freedom in Jesus Christ.

"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."  Psalm 91:1

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