Friday, April 17, 2015

SIM Education

I have truly enjoyed the many opportunities to serve in Niamey, not only at school, but also outside of Sahel Academy.  One of the activities I enjoy most happens through a branch of SIM called SIM Education.  Every month, my housemate and I attend the kindergarten trainings that SIM Ed. holds for local Nigerien teachers in Niamey.  I help out in any way possible - coloring, sweeping, painting, gluing, doing paper mache, or playing games.  There are usually about 30 ladies who come to these trainings to learn how to teach better, while making resources for their classroom.  

One week we used paper mache to make vegetables.  We talked about different activities you can do with them using colors, texture, taste, guessing games, etc.  At Christmas time, we helped build nativity scenes out of toilet paper rolls and fabric!  Another training involved shapes, textures, and colors.  What do you do when you don't have a doll house for kindergartners?  You make one out of wood and cloth!  SIM Education staff is incredibly creative and innovative! 

This past week's theme was transportation.  Rachel and I led a station in which the women had to use recyclable materials to make a mode of transportation.  We used Pringle cans, bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, brochette sticks, cereal boxes, and coke bottles to inspire creativity.  How interesting it was to discuss the different modes of transportation in Niger!...donkey carts, camels, cows, bush taxis, motorcycles - much different than Pennsylvania!  

It is such a blessing to get to know these women and laugh with them!  SIM Education is a great motivation for me to learn French better.  I would love to be able to speak more fluently with these women!  SIM Education also goes into these schools to help teachers individually.  What an amazing ministry SIM Education has with the public school teachers in Niamey - teaching the Gospel through education.  Pray for transformed lives as these teachers touch the lives of little ones in a very dark country.  Pray for staffing for next year as 3 of their 5 teacher trainers are leaving at the end of this school year!

Lucia oversees and directs SIM Education
and does an AMAZING job! 

Paper mache vegetables we made!

I helped the ladies use puffy paint one week.

Miriam has spent the last year working with SIM Ed.
The colored shapes are hand made with wood they cut and painted!

The last training we did - modes of transportation
out of recyclable materials!


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